Laboratory High Temperature Sterilizer

"Steam sterilizers for industry, scientific research and laboratories"

CISA offers a wide range of steam sterilizers, designed for hospital applications, laboratories, research centres, and the pharmaceutical industry.

According to the specific configuration required by the customer and drawing on a series of specific options for laboratory applications, high temperature steam sterilisers can be applied in a number of sectors, spanning from waste treatment, through enclosures, to the sterilisation of liquids/vials.

In the sterilisation of material with a high content of pathogens (HP), CISA sterilisation autoclaves can reach BSL4 (Biosafety Level 4).

For the entire range of sterilisers, the main configurations/options listed below are available:

  • Application with single or double door with automatic vertical or horizontal sliding action depending on the versions
  • Automatic loading/unloading option
  • Stainless steel panel closures
  • Bioseal on the loading or unloading side
  • Operator interface (HMI) on loading/unloading side or on both sides
  • System design with tri-clamp
  • Liquid cycle with natural, indirect or direct forced cooling (with sprayers in the chamber)
  • HEPA filter on the vacuum line to protect the pump and the exhausts in the environment in the sterilization cycle
  • HEPA filters on compressed air inlet into the chamber in cooling mode
  • Closed loop condensate sterilisation systems (for High Pathogen applications)
  • Different Steam supply modes. Supply of clean steam from the main system, with dedicated steam lines between chamber and cavity, or supply from an incorporated generator