Aquazero System


The new technology for steam sterilization: low water consumption, energy savings, cost savings and a high-quality process in reduced time. A technical solution that revolutionizes one of the key aspects of the traditional sterilization process. A  patented process (Patent n°. EP1696969BI ) which provides a  high-performance steam sterilizer with negligible water consumption,  which results in significant savings on operating  and maintenance costs, without compromising the quality of the process.
Everything  is merged in a concept oriented towards energy saving, a pressing need  today for the global community and an obligation for modern industry.

ZERO CONSUMPTION OF WATER - 0 l / cycle: if the Aquazero sterilizer is fed by an external steam source.
PUMP FLOW IMPROVED TO 38% - 80 m3 / h: higher rate during the vacuum phases than 50 m3 / h of the equivalent CISA machine equipped with a liquid ring pump.
CYCLE TIME SAVING UP TO 20% -  45 minute cycle compared with the average cycle time for 56 minutes for the  same CISA machine equipped with a liquid ring pump.
HIGH VACUUM POWER - 33 mbar: vacuum power, high-performance