CISA Tracecare traceability system

Tracecare is the software developed by CISA for complete traceability within the CSSD to ensure a rigorous approach to Risk Management.

This innovative solution is built around a web-based architecture and facilitates the use of mobile devices for the correct identification of assets, kits and operators throughout the process of reconditioning surgical instruments. Tracecare is a modular software, created to adapt to the needs of each hospital’s structure.

The use of mobile devices enables data recording with a few simple steps within all areas of the CSSD (dirty area, clean area, sterile area) and the operating theatre, reducing the need for operators to use computer keyboards, with the minor cross-contamination risk this entails.

The direct connection with the PLCs of CISA equipment allows the acquisition of cycle data in real time, giving the CSSD manager direct access to, and control of, machine status and proactive management of the current process. Taking advantage of a range of identification technologies (barcode, data matrix, RFID), Tracecare tracks operators, machines and locations within the CSSD, in the operating theatre and in hospital departments.

The web-based architecture makes Tracecare suitable for managing multi-site sterilization centers, allowing remote technical support. Tracecare is inherently able to communicate with operating theatre software, medical records, ERP, HIS and more. Reports and analysis dashboards are made available to enable monitoring of the process in real time.