CISALAB is the beating heart of innovation at CISA. It is the home of research & development, special projects and incubator of new technical solutions destined to become the industry’s benchmarks.
As part of the technical department at CISA, CISALAB has its own dedicated staff in electrical, civil and biomedical engineering but also benefits from the free flow of ideas and experience from the highly skilled technicians working on current projects.

CISALAB is engaged in the constant process of technological innovation and refinement which sets CISA at the leading edge of infection control. It is here that machines and components are redesigned, re-evaluated and re-imagined. It is also where non-standard projects are managed for pharma, healthcare and laboratories, and this is often a source of inspiration for the development of CISA’s standard range of machines.
CISALAB works on current standards for infection control, ensuring the range of solutions which CISA offers is fully compliant with regulations around the world, from the USA to Korea.