The entire range of CISA products is constantly subject to re-engineering and re-evaluation to provide the industry with innovation, quality and ultimate performance. All with its trade mark Italian design.


Our mission is to constantly achieve global technological leadership in the infection control field.


We believe infection control is the highest priority for healthcare and pharma. All our efforts are dedicated to generating a better and safer environment in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.


We act in a climate of mutual respect, between ourselves, our clients, their patients, operators and staff at all levels.


  • Customized production
  • Wide product range
  • After-sales support: global assistance

Supply chain management

  • Cisa provides full turnkey designs to help clients handle their supply chain in infection control

Investment In Technological Development

  • Constant R&D investment and liaison with academic institutions leading the field
  • We have installed more systems than any of our competitors in Italy

Fast Decision-Making

  • Quick response time on catalogue products and sale conditions
  • Skilled, experienced staff


  • Growth-oriented culture
  • A working environment which inspires knowledge and progress


  • Great problem-solving abilities to avoid downtime and minimize system vulnerability
  • All seeing, all knowing: full harnessing of remote services, intelligent equipment, augmented reality and artificial intelligence ensures the equipment status is monitored in real time and that the CSSD remains on top of infection control