FOUNDED IN 1947, Cisa was one of the first companies to develop sterilization autoclaves for the healthcare industry.

Cisa is based in LUCCA, in the heart of Tuscany, Italy and, with its sister company Cisa Brazile, is a truly global company, and is among the ten largest players on the world market.

In 2013 Cisa joined FAPER GROUP, an Italian group dedicated to the development of pioneering technologies and a market leader in several industrial sectors.

Design, manufacture and supply of COMPLETE CENTRAL STERILIZATION DEPARTMENTS (CSSDs) in HOSPITALS all over the world. Solutions for HEALTHCARE and CLINICAL applications.

Products for applications in LABORATORIES and RESEARCH CENTERS: flexible technologies in terms of design, size and functionality that always meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

CUSTOMIZED TURNKEY SOLUTIONS for all stages of the technological process for PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES.


CISA specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of entire sterilization facilities. From autoclaves, to consumables and after-sales service, CISA ensures excellent quality, efficiency, professionalism and in-depth knowledge regarding Infection Control. CISA provides hospitals and health care facilities with turnkey projects, design, engineering and performance analysis.

Life science

CISA offers a wide range of steam sterilizers especially designed for laboratories, research centres, the pharmaceutical industry and others. This range comprises numerous innovative concepts that have made CISA a preferred brand in the sector. The flexibility in terms of design, scale and features makes it possible to satisfy the customer’s requirements, however specific they might be.


CISA offers custom turnkey solutions for all phases of the process in pharma applications.

Medical waste treatment

An innovative system that uses saturated steam as a sterilization agent to kill micro-organisms and treat hospital medical waste. CISA’s solution for infection control in medical waste includes in line shredding/sterilizing system to provide maximum output with minimal inconvenience. A new system of managing hospital and laboratory bio-hazard waste with Aquazero pump integrated to reduce consumption to the lowest level achievable today.


The Monitoring, Reporting and Traceability Solutions in CISA’s technology portfolio is what we call Tracecare. Tracecare is enabled through web architecture for direct communication between the server and the machines’ PLC using a two-way communication protocol. The option to use mobile devices to manage all stages of the process in total flexibility means that managers can stay in control when on the move. Using ID technologies (RFID code), the system traces operators and assets, and is designed for easy integration with operating theatre systems for the tracing of surgical instruments.


The experience in the infection control field allows Cisa to offer its clients a wide range of consumables. These products help the health care to monitor the efficacy of decontamination and sterilization processes.


In 2013 CISA joined Faper Group, the Italian group that deals with top-level technology. Founded by Fabio Perini, Faper Group is famous all over the world for being at the forefront of the tissue industry: this trailblazing group of companies has achieved important milestones in providing innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Today, the Group has currently vested interests in engineering:

  • solutions for tissue;
  • sterilization equipment;
  • real estate;
  • innovative start-ups


After having revolutionized the worldwide tissue industry in the 70s as well as the yachting industry with Perini Navi up to a few years ago, the Group is concentrated on the development of key industries for which its companies are market leaders in their aims of delivering pioneering, innovative and user-friendly solutions in order to meet performance seeking customer needs.

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